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ALIGNMENT provides trainings in communication and self-development. All the trainings and conferences are custom made, according to your needs and requests.

The goal is to help organizations establish win-win relationships, to create trust, motivation and sustainable cooperation at the workplace. A win-win relationship means that the people feel confident enough to express ideas clearly and to listen to each other actively. It is a matter of going beyond what is right and wrong, beyond the domination and power-over structure, transforming our judgments into needs, so that individuals can meet in a place where everybody feels valued and understood.

You will learn The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, a simple and powerful tool that helps to significantly improve the relationship skills at work. The key is a simple yet a profound shift in how we talk and think, through which we discover common ground with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The training approach is for a group up to 12, whereas the conference gives the opportunity to gather a larger amount of people. A conference is a powerful way to share and explore a specific topic within your organization, to inspire and create a unifying moment.

I facilitate in English, French and Swedish. I’m glad to answer any of your questions and discuss your specific needs.




“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to living.”  V. Satir




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